I See You, Mama

I see you, Mama.
You’re smart. You’re successful. You’re keeping it all together. You’re the one they all look up to. You can’t let them see you falter. But you’re not doing as well as they all think. You’re hurting. You’re worn out. You’re wondering how you got to where you are because right now it feels like everything’s sliding backwards.

I see you, Mama.
Your husband is away too much. You want to feel appreciation for all his hard work, but you’re burned out and tired of holding up the house on your own. The long hours are wearing on your body and your soul, and you’re feeling lonely in your own home.

I see you, Mama.
You work full time which most would think is forty hours, but if you include all the driving time it’s actually more like fifty. Fifty hours that you miss your children, but that you are providing for your family. You’re making a difference in the world, but your children are your world and unfortunately so much of your time with them is strategical and rushed.

I see you, Mama.
The books didn’t prep you for all of this. It’s new, it’s stressful, and you feel like you’re drowning. You’re learning as you go, but time is going too fast. You’re feeling unprepared for the next stage, and missing the one that just passed. Your child is growing, and you’re feeling the growing pains. You’re lost in this new life.

I see you, Mama.
Everyone comments on your perfect and beautiful family, but they don’t know what really goes on behind the closed doors of your stressful home. The marriage that once flourished is now falling apart and you’re hanging by a thread. You can’t let anyone in because it’s only your battle to fight.

I see you, Mama.
You’re not well. You need taken care of, but you have children to care for. You feel like you have nothing left to give, but somehow you’re doing it. You want nothing more than to be healthy for your children. You want so badly to play with them, to encourage them, to be there for them. And you are, but you’re struggling. You’re barely holding on.

I see you, Mama.
You just added another to your flock. You love being a mom, but with every child you lose a little more of yourself. You’re being pulled in a million directions at once. You’re spinning in circles, and you just need time to slow down a bit. You’re wanted by so many. You can’t handle the chaos and all life demands from you. You’re feeling inadequate and unappreciated.

I see you, Mama.
You never thought your perfect marriage would end this way. It breaks your heart that your children will grow up in more than one home. You want to find the real Mr. Right this time, but you’re terrified more than you are hopeful. You love your job as mom, but doing it alone is painfully difficult.

I see you, Mama.
The world was in your hands. You were going places in a hurry, climbing the ladder, and reaching for the stars. Your child changed all of that. You hold a different title now. Your dreams are slipping away as quickly as the time passes. Your priorities are changing, but it’s hard letting go. Your child has changed you, and sometimes you desperately miss that person.

I see you, Mama.
Your child is your joy, and your lack of another is your pain. You want more than one, but life isn’t panning out that way. You see moms with arms full of children, and your heart is heavy. You’re tired of waiting. You’re having trouble accepting. You’re worried about the one you have. You feel their loneliness as they longingly watch other siblings.

I see you, Mama.
You’re not sure what comes next. Your home is full and so is your heart, but you’re empty still. You’re up and then you’re down. You’re trying to balance it all, but you’re failing. You’re lost and confused. You’re tired and alone. You’re in love with your children, but you’re in doubt of where life takes you now.

I see you, Mama.
You’re barely getting by. You’re trying to make ends meet, and the future scares you. You’re taking care of your children with no change in your pocket. You’re envious of others who have it so well. You’re doing all you can, and it’s not seeming like enough. You’re broke and hoping for a miracle.

I see you, Mama.
They don’t know what you’ve been through. You once held life in your body, but not long in your arms. You’re still hurting and confused, and often angry. You’re jealous of babies that can walk and talk. Your child can’t be seen or heard but only felt. You’re a mom, but no one knows. Your child waits for you in Heaven.

I see you, Mama.
Your hard is not my hard. We think no one understands, and maybe no one does. Our journeys are unique. We know pain. We know beauty. We know something in between. We give and give, but sometimes we only want to take. We want someone to care. We want to feel loved.

But you see, Mama.

You are undeniably strong.
You are more than enough.
You are nothing less than amazing.
You are entirely beautiful.

You are His.

He knows your hard, and He understands. He planned where your journey takes you. He knows your pain. He created your beauty. He cares about you. He loves you unmeasurably. He’s your source of strength. His arms are open wide. Fall into Him. He’s patiently waiting.

He sees you, Mama.

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