Hi, I’m Audrey.



Yes, it’s a car selfie. No, I’m not naked.  I simply changed out of my yoga pants and put on a strapless jumpsuit so I could join the mom friends for a night out of complaining about our kids we love so much and speaking only the highest praises of our amazing husbands over a glass of wine, most likely a burger, and possibly some sort of naughty dessert.

So, why “Let’s Play Mom?” Well sit back, and I’ll tell you.

[And by the way, if you’re thinking this is one of those perfect mom blogs where I tell you about all the natural and organic foods my children eat while I teach them how to read before their first day of preschool, it’s most definitely not. Just know that as I type I’m fork-deep in a left over ice cream cake I found in our freezer a few minutes ago. The good news is that I found it while I was putting away the batch of breakfast burritos I just made- so I’m not all bad.]

And to the point [something I sometimes struggle with]…

You should know that I love to write, and I also love being a mom [and taking a million and one pictures of my children- Ok, so maybe I’m that mom. I’m sorry. JK. I’m not sorry. I love to document!] But you see, I started playing mom at a young age. I vividly remember pretending to take my babies [and teddy bears] to the health club with me [my mom was an aerobics instructor- hello, nineties!] And my best friend of 20+ years still talks about the obsession I had with dolls and complains that it’s all I ever wanted to play.

Well, here’s the deal. I’ve decided that being mom is actually a lot like playing mom except of course a billion times more difficult because they only sell dolls that pee not have blowouts and plastic babies don’t talk back or throw fits. There’s no off button, no stopping time…this is real life, real time. ALL. THE. TIME. And it’s messy and stressful and super challenging at times but heart meltingly beautiful.

And let’s be honest, half the time I don’t know what I’m doing [shoutout to Google]. But I lean a lot on other moms, and Jesus. Oh, how I need His help and to ask for it more often.  Because sometimes I let my daughter sit on the counter and help me cook, but other times I’m all out of buttons to push and the iPad grants me seven minutes of peace and quiet.

However, I want to be mom the same way a little girl plays mom, with an endless sense of wonder and imagination. I’m certainly not the most organized mom, and I don’t often go-by-the-book, but I am creative. I love to play, and my hot-mess mom mistakes have been known to provide laughter, for myself included. Because if you don’t know how to laugh at yourself, I feel bad for you. [Here’s to learning how to balance fun, the laundry pile, and my own sanity.]

I have a heart for other moms. Moms of littles, moms of angels, and future moms, especially those with a strong desire to hold a baby they can call their own. I always knew I wanted to be a mom, and losing a baby before I got the chance to meet him has made me realize even more clearly what a gift these little people are to us, one I don’t take for granted. I’ve been through a mom thing or two such as pregnancy sickness x3, mastitis x6, and finding out at 20 weeks my baby no longer had a heartbeat. Every hurdle has taught me just a little bit more about this thing called parenting as well as more than I cared to learn about myself. [And in case you’re wondering- it wasn’t always pretty.]

My desire is to encourage other moms through words, stories, advice [or something like it], tips, experiences, and mostly humor because I truly believe it’s the best medicine. Let’s not be moms that compare or judge one another but lift each other up and support one another unwaveringly. So you say cloth and I say Costco [diapers]. Big deal! We love our children the same ridiculous amount. I’m sure of it.

If there’s one thing I know to be true, it’s this: It DOES take a village, so won’t you join me?

Let’s change the world- one diaper at a time!